Day eleven-wrap up and Taj Mahal/Red Fort

Today we met back up as a whole group with all of the teachers who traveled to various cities across India. This all took place in Delhi. While each of our experiences were different we learned of the myriad of structures of Indian education systems. Language, teacher professional development, infrastructure, and assessment were common trends of discussion.

We shared our experiences in each location for the 11 days where we were hosted by an IREX international counterpart teacher from India.

Later as a group we traveled via bus around 4-6 hours away to the Taj Mahal and Red Fort. Our tour guide shared his vast knowledge about each location including the history, culture, and interesting tidbits.


The tile was very elaborate and made from precious stones. The orange/red allow light to pass to the white marble giving the stone different colors throughout the day.








This is where the kings would see an open market and social gatherings among other activities.



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