Day eleven-wrap up and Taj Mahal/Red Fort

Today we met back up as a whole group with all of the teachers who traveled to various cities across India. This all took place in Delhi. While each of our experiences were different we learned of the myriad of structures of Indian education systems. Language, teacher professional development, infrastructure, and assessment were common trends of discussion.

We shared our experiences in each location for the 11 days where we were hosted by an IREX international counterpart teacher from India.

Later as a group we traveled via bus around 4-6 hours away to the Taj Mahal and Red Fort. Our tour guide shared his vast knowledge about each location including the history, culture, and interesting tidbits.


The tile was very elaborate and made from precious stones. The orange/red allow light to pass to the white marble giving the stone different colors throughout the day.








This is where the kings would see an open market and social gatherings among other activities.



Day Ten Kaziranga National Park

Today we ventured into the wild and sought the five most sacred creatures of Kaziranga National Park. These include the one horned rhino, Asian elephant, water buffalo, python, and tiger. While the daystarted somewhat uneventful, the animals would make a marvelous appearance. Patience was definitely a virtue. We learned of all the natural vegetation to forage and saw breathtaking views of the mighty Brahmaputra river.




Many Bangladesh have moved into the park for push/pull factors.


We learned of coffee and rubber production


Later lunch-Asamese style at a ecotourist facility.



Day 9 our final KV day

Today was a day of bitter sweet goodbye as we leave our new friends of teachers, staff and students at Jorhat KVAir-force. We learned from each other and shared questions and concerns with educational practices.

Mr. Purty accepting the IREX award for global education participation

Mr. Purty accepting the IREX award for global school participation

Question and answer session






Day eight-culture

KV Jorhat, Assam shared the cultural traditions of the region. Students put on an exquisite performance of singing and dancing Ahom style.





Students presented us with homemade flowers after their performance as a sign of appreciation.

As the day progressed, both Andrew and I shared how world news is relevant in today’s society by working on skills of the 5 w’s who, what, where, when, why, and how as they developed interview and writing skills. They also identified levels of government and the good or service provided using newspapers. Students began to recognize connections to global thinking and their own world with these skills.


Day six

School-today I shared interdisciplinary approaches with math and social studies. I also developed some relationships with some students eager to learn about the US. I was invited to see students' work and noticed quite a few similarities of study especially with economics.

Even in Indian classes, some students don't do their work. You will notice these students are standing because they did not have work completed.

I shared our school shirt and professional books with Mr. Purty, the principal. He commented from “What Great Principal's Do” that teachers make the difference.

Later in the day, I inquired about staff lesson planning and training. Teachers are given 21 days of staff development and Mr . Purty stated some teachers leave to go off site for several days for training such as in math.

Here is a sample lesson plan design



Tea plantation and searching for gibbons-we ventured out to Meleng Tea Factory and learned the process of making tea. The process consists of around four main tasks.





We visited the local tea workers to learn mechanics behind loom weaving.

Later we searched for gibbons in the woods-no such luck.

As the evening progressed, we shared dinner with family.




Day 5 School at KV

Learning about river drainage systems and the staff lounge

Today I taught a lesson on Indian drainage systems and had students start off mental mapping river systems in India.


I also was introduced to the staff lounge where teachers spend their time grading and planning for each of their 18 classes. Teachers generally have 6 classes with three sections of a, b, and c. Testing is very rigorous as they plan for the NCSS testing. You will notice the journals students record work for grading as formative pieces.




Day 4 travel to local areas

Physical place 1-Sivasagar was the power house of Ahom. It is located outside of Guwahati, Assam. Three temples honor Siva, Vishnu, and Devi. This one is to Siva.

Physical place 2-Ahom Raja Palace-located at Garhgaon is a 4 story brick structure with towers and a cellar.



Physical Place 3-Maidam Charaideo-mounds of dirt show where Ahom kings were buried along with their valuables.



Physical place 4-Rang-gar, rangpur-located near Rangpur, this place was a event house for kins and queens to watch events such as wrestling. It is two stories and has a rectangular shape with trapezoid ends.




Physical place 5-Kareng-Ghar-this is the largest of Ahom structures.



We finished the day with a local family who shared a wonderful dinner with us.


Day three Jorhat

Andrew and I were greeted by the lovely students of Jorhat KV. Students performed the morning role call and regular morning ceremonies including handing out basketball certificates to the boys' basketball players.

I was formally introduced to the social studies teacher, Nitu Upadhya. She shared concepts of economics and geography. I experienced a warm welcome with all of the classrooms and was invited to share discussions ranging from physical geography, comparative government, economics, and problem solving.



Later in the day we journeyed to Cinabar Tea and toured the facility. Here we viewed the process of how Assam produces the famous black tea. This particular tea has 3 leaves and is harvested at a young age.



When we finished the tour the manager initiated us to his home to share some tea with his family. Both of his children sat with us and discussed their ambitions and hobbies which included singing. The mother cooked a delicious egg snack and had a wonderful home.